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At First Summit Home Inspections, we are committed to being a positive and unbiased part of the home buying process. Our job is to give you the information you need to make a well-informed decision. And we take that seriously.

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Jason and Danielle

When Jason and Danielle were contemplating starting First Summit Home Inspections, they reached out to friends to ask about their home inspection experiences.

“He told us; ‘Your gonna die,’” Anna said to Danielle.

Anna and her husband were new parents and were home shopping. Unfortunately, the inspector scared them and they ended up passing on a home that they really liked.

What was the eminent cause of death? A miswired outlet in the home. Granted, a miswired outlet should absolutely be reported. However, in almost every case, they can be fixed by an experienced electrician.

Jason then knew that this was the right place to put his experience and understanding of how a home is constructed to work for homebuyers.


When it comes to Home Inspections, experience matters.

Jason Lange - Founder First Summit Home Inspections
Certifications & Memberships


Jason’s career in the construction industry started in 1994. He worked as a Superintendent and Project Manager of large residential housing projects and high-end custom home projects. In 1999 he earned his General Contractors license and later his Real Estate Brokers license in the State of California. He has supervised the construction of over 450 homes and sold real estate as an Associate Broker at Re/Max.

Curiosity and a desire to learn other aspects of the construction industry led him to become a Sales Manager for Owens Corning in their Roofing & Asphalt Division, an Architectural Sales Manager for Interstate Brick and most recently a Business & Product Development Manager for a prominent Commercial Roofing Manufacturer.

Experience Highlights

  • Former Licensed General Contractor in CA (Lic #761418)
  • Former Real Estate Broker in CA (Lic #01463546)
  • Supervised construction of over 450 homes
  • Extensive construction materials sales experience

His understanding of a home from product manufacturing to construction and sales gives Jason a unique ability to describe a home and its components in a simple and easy to understand way. After over 20 years of working with Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Agents, he decided it was time to put all of this experience, and his love for homes and people, to the perfect use, helping homebuyers feel confident and well-informed when buying.


When it comes to Home Inspections, the details matter.

From scheduling to bookkeeping, Danielle keeps an eagle eye on the details as our Office Manager at First Summit Home Inspections!

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